Wooden Craft Greek Paddles are all you need


Our Greek wooden paddles are great decorative pieces for any Sorority or Fraternity home. Since they come with a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that your Greek paddle will be in great original shape for many years.


Made from the finest quality natural red oak, they are both naturally beautiful to look at, and extremely durable. This allows us to offer a large variety of shapes and sizes while consistently maintaining quality. View our large selection here on our website under Greek wooden paddles category.


Our Greek paddles and wooden alphabet letters come ready to paint. The choice of paint is entirely yours and they come shipped completely prepped for application. We carry different shapes and sizes to fit anyone's needs. From our 21'' classic Greek paddles to our giant seven foot square Greek paddle.


Your Sorority or Fraternity home should include a paddle that accurately reflects the fine craftsmanship products, and we can provide you just that.



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