Fundraising Program

We have got the best fundraising opportunity for your organization to raise money just by spreading the words.

We would like to invite your organization to a fundraiser opportunity! We’re reaching out to your organization because we understand that you have philanthropic missions and events. The idea here is to build a connection and relationship with your organization that will help you raise money and help spread the words about us in the process.

An incentive to collaborate with Letters Yard is that 15% of the total sale will go to your organization after an event or sale on our website. For any purchases made on our website, all you need to do is promote your organization and our website along with the code for example "ZPRBC" to input when they VIEW CART. Another strong incentive is if your organization raises more than $5,000, we will sponsor your organization with $500 toward any special events or philanthropic missions that your organization have. Lastly, members of the organization will also benefit all the great discount & free shipping promotions on our

Please feel free to contact us:

email: (ATTN: fundraising)