Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page. If you have a question about our products it's most likely you will find the answer here. If not please contact us right away.

Direct Phone #: (858) 666 - 8131 during business hours 10AM - 4PM PST.

Question: Where are you guys located?
Our company is headquarter in San Diego, California.

Question: Do you have a store I can come in to buy?

Yes, we have a store location in San Diego, California.
5945 Pacific Center Blvd, Suite 503
San Diego, CA 92121

Come visit us and see all Letters Yard great products we have available.

Question: What is the return time for custom paddle, decoration, and etc?
We design and manufacture everything in-house here at our facility. The turn around time for custom item is ranging from 4-10 business days depending on the design.

Question: How fast is shipping?

All orders before 1PM PST will go out the same day. We ship via USPS Delivery. Standard USPS delivery time is 2-4 business days for California, 3-5 business days for MidWest, 4-6 business days for East Coast (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)

Question: How fast is "Free Shipping"?
You are still getting a fast  3-6 business days delivery even with Free Shipping option, we are not cheaping out on you on Free Shipping. USPS and the delivery time is 2-3 business days for California, 3-4 business days for Mid-West area, 5-6 business days for East Coast.

Question: Can I upgrade my order for faster delivery time?
Yes, we are more than happy to extend our discount and service to expedite your order shipping time. Please chose the options available from Express, 2 Days Express, Overnight during check out.


Question:  Can I use acrylic, oil, water base paint on your paddle?
Yes, you can apply acrylic, oil, water base paint to our paddles surface. We do sell our own mix of paint colors that you can simply apply onto the products.